Jobsheet integrates with Xero

Xero integration

Send all or some invoices to Xero. Any $0 invoices will go directly into complete so that it misses this step.

Other details

  • Tracking codes
    • Tracking codes are usually based on staff member names or a similar entity (could also be vehicle or team).
    • Jobsheet sends all revenue for a job as one tracking code. If multiple staff are involved the job owner will get the credit.
    • You can use a second tracking code category to group together staff. For example: North Auckland, South Auckland, Other.
    • Profitability reporting can be gained through recording purchases with tracking codes inside Xero.
  • Payment sync
    • Jobsheet will check the Waiting Payment list from information in Xero.
    • If an invoice is voided it will show as complete/paid in Jobsheet (with a void icon).
    • When a complete payment is recorded the job will be moved to Complete.

Any other questions please get in touch.